Flourish: by Paul Koepf


Plateau: by Paul Koepf


Symmetry: by Paul Koepf


Angelic: by Paul Koepf


Convivial: by Paul Koepf


Cresendo: by Paul Koepf


Mother's Day: by Paul Koepf

mother's day

Cascade: by Paul Koepf



In my work, I aim to move the heart and confound the senses. Beyond the confines of the straight line, my designs capture an aesthetic which sometimes appears to defy gravity and embodies the stuff of dreamworlds. And infinite possibilities abound!

I begin with a simple curve, a form, a shape that is innately gratifying. Then, ignoring the boundaries of traditional furniture scale (sizes, heights, widths) or category (cabinet, table, chair), I allow detail and function to follow the finesse of original form. Once conceptualized, I begin to engineer the piece into reality: creating structural techniques and tooling, inventing processes, and formulating details, pigments and finishes.

To every piece, I bring the experience of a master craftsman, the mystique of fantastical design, the ingenuity of contemporary materials and techniques, and the artful contrivance of structure and form. The result: artful wood sculptures that happen to be fine art furniture.


Paul Linsey Koepf represents decades of woodworking in all forms and styles: from fine art furnishings to monumental architectural millwork to innovative interior design. A lifetime entrepreneur, Koepf encompasses a wide range of knowledge regarding materials, design trends, construction techniques, marketing, and creative resources.

Koepf’s designs have been published in Interior Design Magazine, Furniture Today, Furniture Retailer, and multiple newspaper articles. His work inspired a story for Applause: a local PBS feature presentation. In April of 2014, the Hollywood feature film, Draft Day (with Kevin Costner), uses furniture interiors created by Koepf to represent the luxuriously contemporary offices of NFL team owners.

An award-winning craftsman and designer, Koepf insatiably follows a passion for defining, comprehending and envisioning functional and timeless aesthetics.